Dance Affairs Auditions

MPAC Presents - Auditions for Dance Affairs @ South Delhi

AddressF - 123, Bank Wali Gali, Lado Sarai-mehrauli, Delhi - 110030

Those who could not make to the first round of auditions at our Dwarka Centre can now appear for auditions at our South Delhi Centre. Don't forget to be part of it. There are big prizes to be won. See the Dance Affairs Details below:

MPAC Presents "Dance Affairs" (Dance Competition).

When it comes to competition and conventions, we know there are many to choose from. Dance Affairs is dedicated to provide all dance lovers an opportunity for extraordinary experience. We take pride in offering an elite panel of judges who are committed to sharing their extensive knowledge and love of dance.

MPAC is known for "Where Dreams Comes Alive" for a good reason. At no time does MPAC lose sight of the fact that its success is owed to the hard working teachers and we appreciate a fair, fun, organized, and on-time competition.

From its low-stress atmosphere, 3 levels of competition, fun sessions, online registration, and state of the art judging and scoring, MPAC aspires to deliver a quality event to the dancers, directors, teachers and parents alike.

This year, two contestants will be selected as “All Star Dancers” and receive a scholarship to attend the Classes. These All-Stars will come to MPAC Studio for Traning where they will attend a series of master classes.

At each regional event, MPAC also awards scholarships for contestants to participate in the "Annual Showcase". These dance conventions are fun, inspiring, and educational for all dancers.




-Small Group (4-9 performers),

-Large Group (10-19 performers),


-Solo - 1:30 mins

-Duet/Trio – 2 mins

-Small Group – 3 min

-Large Group, Line – 4 min


Competition Details:

-Level 1 - The Dance Tym - 3rd July 2016  (Delhi Audition)

-Level 2 - Update Soon - 17th July 2016

-Finale - Kamani Auditorium (Mandi House, Delhi) - 13th August 2016


All entries must be limited to the amount of performance time available. There is only a limited amount of performance time available at each event.

-Phone, fax or e-mail entries will NOT be accepted.

-Entries are not guaranteed until received with registration amount

-Online entries must be submitted and paid in full no less than 5 days before the competition date.

-People who have paid resgistration fee online, must visit MPAC and fill the registration form to confirm their entry.

-For every single performance dancer/groups have to fill individual registration form and fees is applicaple per registration

-Paper entries must be received in the MPAC Office paid in full no less than 5 days before the competition date.


10 years +


Dance Affairs will accept studio music on a good quality individual CD (or USB) provided by the studio. Each individual CD must be properly labeled and contain that entry only. example below:

Entry-Studio Letter Code-Performance Name


Acrobatic/Gymnastic Dance: Routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chestrolls, etc. May contain gymnastic passes, flexibility moves, and/or contortionist moves. (A tumbling pass is considered one trick.) Must contain dance moves, steps and choreography.

Ballet: Routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements.

Bollywood: Routine using desi lakta zatka and thumka

Contemporary: Routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.

Hip-Hop: Routine using primarily hip-hop technique and moves.

Jazz: Routine using primarily jazz technique.

Lyrical: Routine encompassing the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of the music.

Modern: Interpretive routine using a contemporary/modern style. Should incorporate balance, control, and extension moves.

Salsa: Routine using a ballroom/salsa style.


A panel of highly qualified, competent judges will judge all performances. All contestants, teachers, and parents agree that the method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of MPAC and that all decisions of the judges are final. Contestants will be adjudicated against a point system. In this way, the contestants receive a more accurate evaluation of their performance. Studio Directors may pick up their Score Sheet Summaries at the end of each competition day. MPAC additionally provides verbal critiques online of all judges for each routine 48 hours after the conclusion of the competition!


1st Prize 25,000 /- + Shield + Certificates + Goodies

2nd Prize 15,000 /- + Trophy + Certificates

3rd Prize 5,000 /- + Trophy + Certifcstes

"Participation certificates will be given to all the participants"

Note : 2 Students get 1 yrs of schollarship (Professional Training)

Contact us - 011-45540504, 9711348189, 8802290041, 9999320519 

Stay tuned for more Details

Important Declarations:

No contestent from host company will be participating in this competitions.

Judges panel will be independent from MPAC.

Host company will keep as much transpreancy as possible.

Host company reserves the rights to make any changes in the format of the dance competition without any prior notic

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