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Here we are including some dancing tips which tell you how to take care of your body, dance etiquettes, what to wear in which kind of dance forms and some terminology tips.

Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher

The main key to your dancing success will be your choice of teacher and your will power. Finding someone on whom you can trust and can have great teacher - pupil rapport which is most important. There are teachers out there who are strict, lazy, gifted, grumpy, unreliable, talented, qualified and more. But they all have one thing in common. They all want you to join their classes – so it’s you who decide which teacher is good for you.

Dance Wear

Dance Teacher

What to wear in which dance form is the most important thing which you need to take care. Make sure you know exactly what you should wear to your classes generally dance studio shares the info of what to wear, what shoes to bring or whether there's a particular dress code with their students. There's nothing worse than turning up to class to find you've got all the wrong dress kit with you and it’s even worse if the teacher won't let you in the class because you're not dressed as per the dance form.

Research well

Dance Teacher

It’s always advisable to do little research before you even get to your first dance lesson which will ensure that you get the absolute most out of it. Generally, we see a lot of people are so nervous their first dance class that they spend their lesson thinking about their nerves and not actually concentrating on the steps being taught which in turn makes it harder for them to pick up the steps and that then makes them feel more self-conscious and therefore more nervous. You see the problem. Going to your first dance lesson having done a little preparation can help calm those nerves and give you a head start on your class mates.

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