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Dance guide includes the right kind of shoes which make all the difference in one’s comfort, stamina, and ability to execute tricky dance moves. Dance shoes must withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear without breaking or failing. All dance shoes have a suede bottom to allow for a certain amount of sliding and spinning, while still gripping the floor and allow for powerful movement. However, depending on which styles you dance (Standard, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm), you may need different shoes. Latin shoes for both sexes have a higher heel than the regular ballroom shoes.

Women’s Latin shoes most often feature an open toe, unlike regular ballroom footwear. Getting the right fit with ballroom shoes is not the same as fitting street shoes. In general, dance shoes should be shorter and fit more snugly without causing any discomfort. Always get expert advice on how a particular manufacturer’s shoes run before buying that one. Wearing appropriate dance attire allows you to feel comfortable and move freely.

Dance is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Dancing is good for you, both physically and mentally and provide you lots of fun as well. Anyone can learn how to dance if you can learn how to move your body. Warm up your body before starting dance, improve your balance, strengthen your back and leg muscle.

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